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Thursday April 24th 2025 – 10am – 5pm

Friday April 25th 2025 – 10am – 5pm

Saturday April 26th 2025 – 10am – 5pm

Sunday April 27th 2025 – 9am – 5pm

April 24-26, 2025 – 10am – 5pm
April 27, 2025 – 9am – 5pm

Exhibitor kit

Booth Creation, Execution & Design:

Exhibitor booths must be created, designed & executed within your allotted booth dimensions. All measurements must be exact & must include: furniture, flooring, cords, signage, and any other items you wish to present in your exhibitor booth space. 

All Exhibitors must submit their Booth Designs to Show Director Diana Pires at [email protected] for approval by February 11th 2024. Please also note that your booth design will automatically be submitted for consideration for the Outstanding Booth Design Award at the Living Luxe Awards Gala.

Booth Dimensions, Heights & Neighboring Exhibitors:

All Exhibitors must communicate with their neighboring exhibitor booth(s) to ensure that all parties are aware of the sides and back of each booth, as to not impede onto other booth designs. 

If your booth is back to back with another booth, both exhibitors must maintain the same standard booth height of 8’ H in order to promote visual cohesion, unless written approval has been provided by LLDS & the Show Director. This includes side walls, which must also extend all the way to the aisles. Should an exhibitor wish to extend their booth (in any direction), this must be cleared by the Show Director first to ensure this can be accommodated. 

If your booth is an island (that is, it has no adjoining booths on any side), your booth height can be a maximum of 12’ H. 

Booth heights may not exceed a maximum of 12’ , unless written consent has been provided and approved by the LLDS organizers. 

Floor Coverings:

The cost of booth carpet/floor covering is not included in your booth rental, but it is mandatory that you have some kind of floor covering included in your design, & contained within your allotted booth dimensions. Exhibitors can bring in their own or rent floor covering directly from Artam Design Inc, the official Show Decorator. Exhibitors wishing to lay tile or other floor covering, or build any structure, may not adhere it directly to the exhibition floor. It is required that plastic sheeting, or some other suitable protection be laid on the exhibition floor to avoid damage fees upon teardown inspection. Exhibitors must not use masking tape, clear packaging tape or duct tape to adhere the covering to the show floor. The only tape authorized for use on exhibit hall floors is black #174 high-adhesion double-faced tape for floor cable & wire. Charges will apply for all tape damage and/or adhesive removal following an inspection post-exhibition.

Exhibitors with raised floors are limited to a maximum of 6” H off the ground. If you plan on raising the floors in your booth higher than 13 mm, they must be wheelchair accessible by use of ramps. Ramps must be at least 36” wide and have a maximum slope of 1:12. Please note that any ramps required for your space must also fall within your assigned booth space (cannot extend into the show aisles).


Vehicles which are approved for use in exhibition or display areas must be protected by Visqueen®, Masonite®, Homasote®, tarpaulin, plywood, or comparable protective material to be used to prevent damage.

Floor Loads:

No materials handling equipment or objects weighing more than 500 pounds per square foot (2,441 kg per square meter) may be placed on the exhibition floor, unless authorized in writing by TCC. 

Booth Lighting:

LLDS recommends exhibitors to look into elevating their booth design by incorporating feature lighting within your booth, which can be ordered directly through SHOWTECH. You can also provide your own fixtures and have SHOWTECH provide the electrical support & rigging for your booth.

Signage & Solicitation:

You must keep all of your signage & marketing materials within your booth space and they must not block views of the rest of the show floor. All signage must be professionally printed, mounted & displayed; pop-up/ roll-up banners are also permitted. The use of nails, hooks, screws, staples or tacks on any existing TCC walls or flooring is forbidden. Failure to comply will result in a minimum charge per occurrence billed to you directly. 

Please note that overhead banners/ ceiling-mounted display signage/ branding is permitted to be hung above your exhibitor booth, which includes ceiling-mounted decor. Under no circumstances shall any signs advertising “Sale/ Discount/ Show Specials” be permitted on the show floor, in order to keep the integrity of the luxury show branding & elevated clientele. 

Distribution of samples, collateral, or any other promotional materials must be confined within your allotted booth space. Exhibitors intending to distribute food or beverage samples within their booth are required to comply with the guidelines on the Food Sample Form. Once completed, this form is to be sent to Daniel Dearlove at [email protected]. Exhibitors may not solicit in the show aisles, entrances, or anywhere on the TCC grounds outside of your booth space. 

Booth Cleaning:

LLDS will be arranging for daily cleaning of the common areas & aisles of the exhibition hall on show days, however all exhibitors are responsible for the cleanliness of their booths. Cleaning services can be arranged directly through TCC, or you can opt to have your team tidy up your booth space personally after the show closes each day. As long as your booth is tidy before 9:00am the next show day, you are welcome to do this yourself. Please note that you are not permitted to outsource your own cleaning company, as cleaning services are exclusively provided by TCC. Also note that if any power is required for your cleaning (such as that to power a vacuum cleaner), you must make prior arrangements with SHOWTECH

Once the LLDS 2024 concludes, all exhibitors are responsible for removing all of their own personal garbage and debris from their booth upon completion of their teardown. Please note that any exhibitors that leave garbage or debris behind will be charged a garbage removal fee once teardown commences.

Building/ Construction Rules Onsite at TCC:

All exhibitors must ensure to keep their area clean, contained and dust free when building their booths on site. Contractors must leave a clean work site, otherwise charges will be billed for cleanup. It is your responsibility to ensure that your contractors are taking necessary precautions to protect the TCC, including all carpeted areas, tiled flooring, walls and doors. This applies to areas receiving crates, pallets, freight, boxes, road cases, or other large/heavy materials likely to cause carpet/ wall/ floor damage. 

Please note the following with regards to Contractors:

  • All contractors must abide by Ontario Safety Standards on site. Anyone found operating equipment in an unsafe manner will be asked to leave the premises immediately.
  • Contractors in “non-uniform” will receive a contractor badge while on-site.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Required:

Anyone working on the show floor during move-in & move-out regardless of their booth size or location on the show floor must wear the following:

  • CSA approved hard hat
  • CSA approved steel-toed safety shoes
  • High visibility vest
Tools/ Equipment/ Dollies:

You must bring in all of your required tools, ladders, brooms, etc. as there are none available for use onsite. You must make arrangements for these items in advance if you require them. As a reminder, there is no storage available onsite so these items must be kept in your allocated booth area or taken offsite at the end of each day.

Please note that only rubber wheeled carts may be used to transport items from pre-determined staging areas for material to be off-loaded through pre-approved doors onto the show floor. Only polyurethane flatbeds/dollies are allowed in the convention area – no metal edged dollies. In addition, no hand-trucks, carts, or other devices to move equipment or freight will be allowed in meeting rooms or carpeted areas, without the use of Visqueen®, Masonite®, Homasote® or plywood.

Should you require access to a forklift, pallet jack, or rubber dollies, you can pre-book these prior to your move in, at an additional cost. Please email your requests to [email protected].

Please note the following with regards to Equipment Usage:
  • No pump trucks, skids or metal dollies are allowed in the convention area (front of house).
  • No garbage, packing materials or storage cases may be left in the convention area at any time. 
  • Forklifts, electric carts, motorized equipment and other vehicles are not permitted on any carpeted areas throughout TCC.
  • Exhibitors are not permitted to bring in and/or operate their own forklifts. Forklifts must be rented through the Show Director upon request and an operator will also be provided. 
  • No leaning of equipment/objects against walls (cinder block or drywall) in the trade halls or convention area. No equipment may be placed within 6 inches of a wall. This includes boxes, crates, pallets, drapery poles, tables, chairs, etc. 
  • If the use of power tools is required (battery chargers, corded tools, etc.), please ensure your booth is powered through SHOWTECH to have power available in your exhibitor space during installation. 
Please note the following with regards to Construction, Materials & Waste:
  • Doors and walls require protective covering such as moving blankets or other material approved by TCC.
  • No cutting of carpet, foam core or other materials is permitted at the TCC without proper floor protection.
  • No hard cutting of wood, concrete, drywall, etc. on the show floor will be permitted. Please note there will be a designated area outside where this can be accommodated upon request. Further details will be sent to you with your load-in instructions. 
  • Painting, nailing or drilling of the show floor is not permitted. 
  • No materials handling equipment or objects weighing more than 500 pounds per square foot (2,441 kg per square meter) may be placed on the exhibition floor, unless authorized in writing by TCC.
  • Exhibitors who wish to paint their booths onsite must ensure you remove all your own painting waste (cans, brushes, trays, etc.), or you will be subject to additional fees. 
  • You cannot utilize the washrooms for cleaning of materials or tools or for the disposal of any kind of waste. 
Combustion Engines:

Vehicles or other flammable fueled engines displayed shall conform to the following requirements:

  • Fuel tanks containing fuel or which have ever contained fuel must not be more than 3/4 full and the gas cap must be locked shut or otherwise secured. Caps for fuel tank fill shall be taped shut.
    • The electrical system shall be de-energized by either: 
    • The Battery must be disconnected {once positioned}.  
    • Disconnecting both battery cables and covering them with electrical tape or other similar insulating material 
    • There must be a floor covering of some sort beneath the engine bay.
    • The vehicle can only be turned on when being positioned (or re-positioned).
    • Tanks containing propane shall be maintained less than ¾ full. Vehicles may be driven in and positioned. The engine should remain running, with the valve shut off. Allow the engine to run until all of the fuel in the fuel line is used up. Turn the ignition off. 
    • Cylinders for barbecues and/or appliances within a vehicle such as stoves, refrigerators, etc., must be empty.
      Forklift Access:

      All Forklift operators working on TCC property must belong to ‘LIUNA! Local 506’. Exhibitors can bring in their materials on site & LLDS will arrange for forklifts, as well as certified & unionized forklift operators to assist with your exhibitor materials handling needs during move-in and move-out, at an additional cost.

      To learn more please contact [email protected].  

      Food & Beverage Distribution/Sampling:

      No other food or beverage items from other suppliers will be allowed into the facility without the written consent of LLDS & TCC management. TCC is a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point accredited facility, thereby meeting one of the highest standards in food safety practices in the world. All food & beverage guidelines must be in compliance with the HACCP requirements and TCC Food Sample Guidelines. If you wish to showcase food and/or beverage at your booth, you must adhere to all City of Toronto health requirements ( & you must fill out the Food Sample Form

      Please note the following General Rules to Note:
      • Smoking is not permitted anywhere within TCC, including the loading dock.
      • All involved parties with any show exhibit must comply with Federal, Provincial and Municipal building and fire codes. 
        • All fire & emergency equipment located in the building may not be hidden/ obstructed in any way. Emergency exits and aisles must be kept clear and unobstructed. Vehicles parked on fire routes will be removed at the owner’s expense.
        • Boxes, packaging and other unused exhibitor material must not be stored on top of, or around any electrical connections, fittings, or transformers.
        • Wooden pallets and shipping crates are not permitted on the show floor, carpeted lobby, Pre-function and Registration Areas during event days.
        • There is no storage provided onsite so please ensure you make any necessary accommodations to store your items off site, if applicable.
      • LLDS & TCC will not be held responsible for the admission of any exhibits which do not come within the dimensions, weight, or loading capacity of the entrances.
      • No fireworks may be brought into the TCC at any time without the express written permission of TCC management. In addition, no fireworks or pyrotechnic devices may be discharged on the premises without the written permission of TCC management
      • Confetti, helium tanks & balloons are not permitted in any area of TCC.

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      Important EXHIBITOR Information
      Booth Completion Deadline:

      Your booth must be completed no later than 2:00pm on Thursday April 18, 2024 for final walkthrough by Show Management & final exhibition hall cleanup prior to the City Couture Fashion Show & Preview opening that evening. 

      Exhibitor Badges:

      All exhibitors will be required to send in a request for exhibitor badges for their team. Each exhibitor can request a maximum of 5 badges.

      Please Click here to request your exhibitor badges no later than March 20, 2024 with the number of badges required for your company, and the name of the person who will collect them.

      Please note additional/ replacement badges are available for an additional fee and can be picked up from the LLDS Exhibitor Registration Booth on Thursday April 18, 2024 or Friday April 19, 2024. It is your responsibility to distribute these to your team when they arrive onsite for each show day.

      Please note: Your exhibitor badge is your ticket to enter into the Exhibition Hall; you will need to distribute these badges to each member of your team onsite each day so that they can gain access to the show floor.

      All exhibitors must show their passes upon entry each show day, and they must be worn for the duration of the show in order to gain access to the exhibition areas.

      All exhibitors are required to have at least one representative at their booth at all times for the duration of the show hours on each day.

      Complimentary Show Tickets:

      We are happy to offer Exhibitors complimentary tickets that can be shared with your clients to attend the show. Requests for these complimentary tickets must be sent to [email protected] no later than February 11, 2024.

      Insurance Details:

      All contractors working on the TCC premises must supply proof of insurance. The insurance coverage required is:

      • $5,000,000 bodily injury or death
      • $5,000,000 third party property damage & damage to building

        LLDS, TCC and its related companies are to be shown as an “additional named insured” in all such policies, listed as: Living Luxe Exhibition, Living Luxe Inc., Toronto Congress Centre (a Division of Congress Centres Inc.). All insurance policies shall contain a cross liability and a waiver of subrogation clause in favour of LLDS & TCC. 

        It is understood and agreed that the coverage provided by these policies will not be changed or amended in any way which reduces the coverage nor canceled nor be allowed to lapse until thirty (30) days after written notice by registered mail or personal delivery of such change, cancellation, or lapse shall have been given to LLDS & TCC.

        A copy of the insurance policy or certificate of insurance is required to be submitted to the Living Luxe Team no later than one month prior to the event to [email protected].The insurance policy will be held by LLDS until an inspection of the premises is made after the event and applied, as required, at the discretion of LLDS in order to repair any damage caused during the event period (including set up & teardown, if applicable). 

        Emergency Procedures:
        • The TCC Fire Alarm system is a single stage pulse tone. All persons must evacuate the building immediately when the alarm is sounded. 
        • If it is positive, an announcement will be made to evacuate via the nearest fire exit.
        • After hours, the evacuation will be led by TCC Security, in conjunction with contracted Security staff. 
        • During office hours, TCC has appointed Fire Wardens who will conduct sweeps of the respective areas and aid in the evacuation process. 
        • Fire drills, audibility tests and evacuations are conducted regularly by TCC Security.
        • In the event of an emergency where 911 is called, the onsite contracted event security will notify TCC security. A security representative from TCC will wait outside for ambulance, police and fire to respond and direct them to the location of the emergency. 
        • A contracted on site event security representative will remain at the scene of the emergency, to ensure that order is maintained. 
        • TCC is located across the street from the local fire department; their response is very prompt and they are staffed by trained paramedics.
        • Never impede access to a Fire Exit or Fire Extinguisher.
          • Evacuation Location: West Hydro Parking Lot

        TCC Emergency Procedures – PDF

        TCC Fire Regulations – PDF

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        EXHIBITOR forms

        Streamline your event preparations with our convenient Order Forms. Access a variety of essential forms and guidelines here. These forms are your go-to resource for a seamless and successful event. 

        EXHIBITOR Checklist

        DUE DATE



        February 11, 2024

        Booth Design Submissions Due

        [email protected]

        Extended to March 20, 2024

        Exhibitor Badge Requests Due

        Badge Request Form

        February 11, 2024

        Complimentary Ticket Requests Due

        [email protected]

        March 8, 2024

        Early Bird Pricing Ends – ARTAM Design Inc.

        [email protected]

        March 8, 2024

        Early Bird Pricing Ends – CCR Solutions

        [email protected]

        March 15, 2024

        Proof of Insurance Due

        [email protected]

        March 19, 2024

        Food & Non-Alcoholic Sample Form Due

        [email protected]

        March 22, 2024

        Early Bird Pricing Ends – SHOWTECH

        [email protected]

        March 22, 2024

        Early Bird Pricing Ends – EPIQ Vision

        [email protected]

        March 29, 2024

        Early Bird Pricing Ends for Advanced Warehouse Storage

        [email protected]

        April 8, 2024

        Booth Cleaning Orders Due

        [email protected]

        April 8, 2024

        Booth Menu Order Form Due

        [email protected]

        April 15, 2024

        Booth Ice Order Form Due

        [email protected]

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        Exclusive Show Suppliers
        Power, Lighting, Rigging, Plumbing & Gas

        SHOWTECH Power & Lighting is the exclusive supplier for electrical, feature lighting, rigging air, gas and plumbing. 

        Please contact – Michelle Kalpakis-Palkowski, [email protected], or you can access the direct online ordering link with Google Chrome to view pricing and/or order online.

        To take advantage of the Early Bird Pricing, please ORDER HERE  by March 22, 2024.

        Audio Visual

        EPIQ Vision is our exclusive Audio Visual supplier. For service costs and to coordinate any audio visual for your exhibitor booth, please fill out this form by March 22, 2024 to take advantage of Early Bird Pricing and send it to Rowena Robinson at [email protected] for your exhibitor booth inquiries. 

        Custom Builds and Booth Decor

        Artam Design Inc. is our preferred vendor for all Custom Builds & Booth Decor needs. For service costs, custom builds, 3D rendering and booth decor, please contact Marta via email at [email protected] for your exhibitor inquiries no later than March 8, 2024

        Internet & Networking

        CCR Solutions Inc. is our exclusive supplier for all Internet Requirements. Please fill out THIS FORM and send it to Stephanie Schilz
        [email protected]
         by March 8, 2024 to take advantage of Early Bird Pricing.

        Advance Warehouse Storage

        Lange Transportation can assist exhibitors with Advance Warehouse Storage for any items. All products must be shipped to Lange no later than 21 days before the show begins. To take advantage of this opportunity & their early bird pricing, please fill out This Form and send it to Karen Ramirez at [email protected] for quoting and any questions you may have no later than March 29, 2024.

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        FLOOR PLAN

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        Load in & Load Out Instructions
        Load In/Move-In Instructions:

        You will be assigned a time for your dedicated delivery from the below 3 weeks prior to the show:

        North Building, Hall H
        Loading Dock Doors: 33 – 38

        • Monday, April 15, 2024 between 10:00am – 7:00pm
        • Tuesday April 16, 2024 between 6:00am – 7:00pm
        • Wednesday April 17, 2024 between 6:00am-5:00pm
        • Thursday April 18, 2024 between 6:00am – 2:00pm
        Please Note the Following Important Details:
        • All exhibits must be brought into the North building via the designated move-in doors from the loading docks. 
        • All service vehicles must be parked in the West “Hydro” Parking lot
        • All equipment is to be cleared, moved in and moved out through Door #4, Security.
        • Suppliers must sign in and out at Door #4 at Security
        • Most TCC doors are magnetically locked. An access card may be signed out at Door#4 Security & must be returned there at the end of the day.
        • All wooden pallets and shipping crates must be removed from the show floor as soon as possible.
        • All vehicles must be removed immediately, once unloaded.
        • Exhibits must not hinder or obstruct any fire equipment, emergency exits, display signage, windows or doors. 
        • LLDS & TCC will not accept advance exhibit shipments. Goods must be scheduled to arrive at the facility during the specific move-in period you have been allotted. You must have a company representative onsite to receive the shipment of goods. Please note that LLDS & TCC has the right to refuse any items being delivered which owe taxes/duties and LLDS & TCC is not responsible for clearing any shipments via Canada customs.

        When shipping to TCC, the following information must be clearly labelled on all items being delivered:

        Name and phone number of event contact:
        Living Luxe Design Show – 416-670-1807

        Name and phone number of TCC contact:
        Daniel Dearlove – 416-717-5645

        Name of event:
        Living Luxe Design Show 2024

        Date event starts:
        April 19-21, 2024

        Meeting Room/Hall event is in: Hall H

        Full address of TCC, including receiving dock #:
        Toronto Congress Centre
        North Building
        1020 Martin Grove Road
        Toronto, ON
        M9W 4W1

        Teardown/ Move-Out:

        Teardown can start on Sunday April 21, 2024 following show hours at 5:30PM – 11:59PM. Teardown must be completed by Monday April 22, 2024  between 6:00AM – 11:59 PM. You will be assigned a load-out window for your company in order to facilitate a smooth load out for all.

        Any items left behind after teardown has ended, is not the responsibility of Living Luxe Design Show or Toronto Congress Centre. You will be subjected to a penalty and your items will be disposed of accordingly. 

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